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About SkyLogic

SkyLogic was founded in 1999 to provide state-of-the-art support for the development of FPGA based solutions. Co-operation with the project team of our customers is our main focus.

As a small company, we have a customer-oriented approach and adapt easily to the project requirements. SkyLogic does not develop own products and assures high confidentiality for the know-how and intellectual property of its clients.

To assure a high quality of our work, we identified the following priorities:

  • Modular design approach to deliver reusable designs.
  • Advanced testbench structures to provide high code coverage.
  • Straight forward readable code that is easy to understand without extensive documentation.
  • To the point documentation that focuses on the information you really need.
  • Adaptation to quality system and the design procedures of our customers to guarantee easy integration.

A sample of companies that trusted their projects to SkyLogic: